Apply to Helen’s Court Co-op

Thanks very much for expressing an interest in Helen’s Court Housing Co-op. Please find a membership application here.

Kindly return the application by email ( or drop it off in the Membership Committee’s mailbox. That mailbox is located in the northeast corner of the lower circle in our courtyard. (Don’t worry; this will make sense when you get here!)

Maximum housing charges break down is available on the PDF download.  The share purchase is double the monthly housing charge.

We do accept pets.

It’s impossible to say when a unit will become available.

Please note that we will keep your completed application on file for one year. To keep you application current, update annually by sending a letter to the Membership Committee.

Membership Committee
2137 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6K 1E7

When you update, kindly inform us of any changes you’d like to make to your application.

Please find a membership application here.