Common Room Committee

Helen’s Court Co-op Handbook
Section 12. Common Room Committee

(August 2012)

The Common Room is a place for all of us to use, enjoy, and respect.

The Common Room hours are 9:00 am – 12:00 am.


The common room must be booked by writing down your name, unit number and times of intended usage on the common room calendar (located in the mail room) or through the Common Room coordinator – whether it is for private use, a co-op committee meeting, or for a general meeting. If you wish to use the common room for a private party please see the additional steps required in the Private Party section below.

Please take note co-op meeting do take precedence over private usage. To avoid cross booking please book room as far in advance as possible.

Note: after booking the room you will need to contact the Common Room Coordinator or a Key Holder (listed below) to secure a key to the room on the date you booked.



All activities (including children’s activities and parties) must be sponsored and attended by one adult co-op member (19 years or older). This member is responsible for any/all damages. Members sponsoring activities that may create excess noise must consult adjacent units. Special activities like classes require permission from the Common Room Committee.

No Shoes

No shoes are to be worn in the common room please

No Smoking

There is no smoking in the common room at any time.

No Personal Storage

The Common Room is not to be used by the members as a place to store personal belongings.

Private Parties

If you would like to book the common room for a private party you must:

  1. Notify the units adjacent to the common room and receive their consent.
  2. Supply ashtrays outside for those guests who are smoking.
  3. Adhere to the Co-op noise and curfew policies
  4. Complete cleanup of the common room by 12:00 noon the following day.



Before you leave the common room, please:

  •   Put chairs away
  •    Sweep the floor
  •    If floor needs washing after using – wash it
  •    Empty all garbage – especially perishables
  •    If walls need cleaning – wash them
  •    Turn heat down
  •    Turn off lights
  •    Report any damage and return the common room key to the common room co-ordinator

Once the common room key has been returned to the keyholder, the keyholder and/or coordinator will check the common room for cleanliness.

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