Garage Committee

Helen’s Court Co-op Handbook
Section 13. Garage Committee

Passed by membership January 13, 2014 GM.


The main purpose of the garage is to provide a safe, clean place for Helen’s Court Housing Co-op residents to park their vehicles in the spaces provided.

The Garage Committee must be informed in writing if a resident:

  •   Requires a space
  •   No longer requires a space
  •   Would like a different parking space
  •   Would like to trade a space with another resident
  •   Has a problem with their parking space
  •   Changes their car
  •   Intends to store a non-motorized personal watercraft
  •   Intends to discontinue use of their vehicle for up to 6 months



The primary purpose of the garage is as space for Helen’s Court Housing Co-op residents to park their vehicles.  

In accordance with Fire Department regulations, no non-vehicle items may be stored in the garage. In particular, no hazardous materials (such as propane or paint) may be left in the garage. Standard blue bin recyclables are permitted by the Fire Department only in the bins provided, due to adequate sprinklers overhead.

All motor vehicles must have valid insurance, and be registered to a resident of Helen’s Court Co-op. Vehicles with storage insurance may be stored up to six months; residents wishing to store vehicles with storage insurance for longer than six months must present their case in writing to the Garage Committee for consideration at least one month in advance of their insurance expiry date. Residents must buy insurance for a minimum of 6 months.

Storage of non-motorized personal watercraft is generally allowed so long as it does not replace or impede vehicle parking. Boat storage must adhere to Fire Department Regulations.

Parking spaces may not be rented.

Use of the garage shall be co-operative and must comply with policies passed by the membership as well as municipal bylaws.



As a resident of Helen’s Court Co-op you are not automatically ensured a parking space as the Co-op has fewer parking spaces than households.

Priority is given to running vehicles.

Residents who are members are prioritized over residents who are roommates or subletters.  Roommates are prioritized over subletters.


Wherever possible, one parking space will be available for every household that has an operating motor vehicle.

If, after every household with an operating vehicle has been assigned one space, there are additional spaces remaining, residents may apply for (an) additional space(s).

Households with more than one parking space may be required to give up a space if a household without a space needs one. If more than one household has (an) additional parking space(s), then a lottery shall be held to see which of these will have to give up a space.

The number of parking spaces per household shall not exceed the number of resident licensed drivers per household.

If demand for additional spaces exceeds supply, a lottery will be held to see who will be assigned the available space(s).


All unauthorized vehicles parked in the garage, the fire lane or the back alley are subject to towing.

Any resident can call Drake Towing for a vehicle parked illegally outside the garage.

For unauthorized vehicles parked in a resident’s designated space or in an unauthorized area inside the garage, residents must inform a member of the Garage Committee, or failing that, the Maintenance Committee or Board.


Car Maintenance:

Car maintenance is permitted in the garage only when it is carried out in a safe fashion that is considerate of neighbours and presents no risk of harm to someone else’s property. Residents are expected to exercise common sense by only undertaking car maintenance tasks they are suitably trained for.

The following activities are NOT permitted in the garage under any circumstance:

  • Any activity involving an open flame (including a torch) or spark
  • Running a vehicle’s engine for more than 5 minutes
  • Painting, particularly where spray paints are used (touch ups are permitted)
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Washing vehicles (or any activity that would result in water running into the drain)


Provided the above restrictions are met, the following basic vehicle maintenance activities may be performed in the garage:

  • Tire changes
  • Wheel alignment
  • Brake repairs
  • Repair and replacement of shocks and shock absorbers
  • Exhaust work
  • Diagnosing problems such as hesitation, overheating, not stopping or other problems that arise from day to
    day driving
  • Final drive work (loose parts and the like)
  • Body work
  • Pressure testing systems
  • Steering (rack and pinion or mechanical) repairs
  • Seal replacement
  • Air filter system, spark plugs, wires, and cooling system work
  • Automotive wiring and replacement of batteries
  • Repair and replacement of belts and starter motors
  • Oil changes and topping up of other fluids

Vehicle maintenance may be performed only in the resident’s assigned parking stall.

All messes and spills, including oil spills, must be cleaned up immediately and not left overnight.

No materials, including oil, may be left in the garage overnight.

Hobbies & Projects:

Spray painting and sanding are NOT permitted in the garage.

Projects, such as painting or woodwork, may be carried out in the garage, provided that nothing is left in the garage overnight and any messes are cleaned up immediately. Paint, wood shavings, and sawdust are a particular concern for fire, and must always be used and cleaned up with care.

Residents without parking spaces who wish to use the garage for projects can arrange with another resident to use their space on a day-by-day basis. Note that if you leave spills, messes, or materials in your neighbour’s space, you will cause problems for your neighbour which may result in their loss of parking privileges.


Residents must clean up any fluids, leaks, spills, etc. in their parking space immediately. The Garage Committee will be responsible for supplying and maintaining a spill kit for the garage for members use.



There is no smoking permitted in the garage.



The garage is a common area, and therefore the existing curfew for noise at Helen’s Court applies. Hours: Monday – Friday 9-9 Saturday, Sunday 10-9.



Upon failure to adhere to Garage Policy the resident responsible will receive a written notice of warning giving a time frame for a solution to occur and outlining the resident’s responsibilities according to Garage Policy.

If the resident meets the conditions within the approved timeline, then no further action will be taken.

If the resident has not complied or approached the garage committee with a written explanation and suggested viable solution within the allotted time frame, or goes on to breach the policy repeatedly, then that resident is considered in breach of policy.

In this case, the matter will be forwarded to the Board with a suggested course of action which could result in towing and/or the loss of the resident’s parking privileges.


If a resident repeatedly breaches Garage Policy, even if that resident resolves each problem after being informed by the Garage Committee, the Committee may recommend to the Board that the resident’s parking privileges be revoked.

If a resident breaches Garage Policy and fails to resolve the problem after being informed by the Garage Committee, the Committee may recommend to the Board that the resident’s parking privileges be revoked.

In all cases, once a resident’s parking privileges are revoked, the resident must remove their vehicle(s) from the space within the time frame given. Failure to do so may result in towing. If a resident wants to re-apply for parking privileges, they must do so, in writing, directly to the Board.



Any costs incurred by the Co-op in carrying out Garage Policy, such as waste removal costs, will be passed on to the resident.

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