Health and Safety Committee

Helen’s Court Co-op Handbook
Section 14. Health and Safety Committee

PURPOSE: To improve and maintain a healthy living environment at Helen’s Court Co-operative.

RESPONSIBILITIES: To implement policies and educate members regarding health and safety at Helen’s Court.


  1. Develop and implement emergency plans for Helen’s Court
  2. Create and carry out bi-annual fire safety drills (optional)
  3. Address any health concerns within Helen’s Court and work with other committees to eliminate health
    related issues.
  4. Address and take action on any safety concerns within Helen’s Court
  5. Create health and safety educational opportunities for all Helen’s Court members
  6. Create resources regarding health and safety issues that are available to members of Helen’s Court (clip
    boards, pamphlets, posters etc.)
  7. Review regularly the measureable improvements to health and safety to members of Helen’s Court.



  1. The Health and Safety Committee will meet regularly to discuss and implement improvements to member’s safety within Helen’s Court
  2. Members of Health and Safety Committee will create a resource library for health and safety related information

Roles: Health and Safety Committee will be a voluntary Committee consisting of a Secretary who will regularly report to the BOD. Health and Safety may require a Treasurer.

Specific Management tasks:

  1. Create a fire safety procedure:
  2. Educate membership about the procedure
  3. Run biannual fire drills (optional)
  4. Evaluate and plan improvements for fire drills
  5. Create an Emergency Disaster Plan:
  6. Educate membership about the procedure
  7. Run education sessions regarding Disaster Preparedness
  8. Take part in Vancouver’s “ShakeOutBC” earthquake awareness program
  9. Evaluate and plan improvements
  10. Create a resource ‘library’ with Health and Safety resources that can be used by Helen’s Court members:
  11. Car-sharing information
  12. Car disposal information
  13. Bike related transportation resources
  14. Smoking Cessation resources
  15. Senior’s Care resources
  16. Mould resources
  17. Mental Health resources

Review procedures: The Health and Safety Committee will report to the Board of Directors once a quarter and to members at least once a year.

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