Helen’s Court Co-op is a friendly, diverse community located close to Kits Beach.

Core Values…

  • To provide safe, secure, affordable housing for members in perpetuity, which is linked to participation according to the member’s ability.
  • To perpetuate a co-op community, which is like an extended family where we listen to our neighbours’ needs, in order to contribute to an active sense of belonging to the community and to prevent a culture of entitlement or isolation.
  • To foster a healthy and thriving community with a culture of acceptance and respect.
    We ensure opportunities for members to participate in the governance and operations of the co-op, which are meaningful, transparent and safe.

We recognize that the co-op community is the sum of the individuals but that our primary responsibility is to the co-op. We attempt to meet individual needs while balancing the needs of the community as a whole. We may not be able to meet the needs of all individuals at all times.

The co-op was formed in 1982 and consists of 44 units in six buildings surrounding a central courtyard. Helen’s Court Ground Lease.

Our units:

  • One bedrooms: 9 units
  • Two bedrooms: 22 units
  • Three bedrooms: 13 units.