The handbook is updated regularly and the most up to date version can be found below. Last updated July 2023.

Table of Contents
Section 1: Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)
Section 2: Rules (Occupancy Agreement) (PDF)
Section 3: General Information (PDF)
Section 4: Co-op Housing Definitions (PDF)
Section 5: Board of Directors (PDF)
Section 6: Committee Guidelines (PDF)
Section 7: Membership Committee (PDF)
Section 8: Finance Committee (PDF)
Section 9: Maintenance Committee (PDF)
Section 10: Replacement Reserve (PDF)
Section 11: Dialogue & Peace Committee (PDF)
Section 12: Common Room (PDF)
Section 13: Garage (PDF)
Section 14: Health & Safety (PDF)
Section 15: Gardening (PDF)
Section 16: Privacy Policy (PDF)
Section 17: Clean Air Policy (PDF)