Board of Directors

Every co-op has a Board of Directors that is elected or appointed by the members. The Board is the co-op’s administrative body and acts on the members’ behalf between general meetings.


As representatives of the membership, directors have the legal right to operate the Co-op. They must manage or supervise the Co-op’s business and affairs. They can use all the powers of the Co-operative to do their job. Sometimes the Co-op’s Rules will limit what the directors can do. These limits must not prevent the directors from doing their job in the way the Act says they must.

Directors work as a group or “board of directors.” No one director has more power than another, not even the chairperson or president. Directors make decisions as a group. Individual directors do not have special powers to act alone. If a director acts alone, but gives an outsider the impression that it is on behalf of the Co-op, then the Co-op may be responsible or liable for the action of that director.

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