To improve and maintain Helen’s Court Co-op’s (HCC) ongoing communications platforms. The Communications Committee is also known as the Com Com.


  1. Maintain HCC Website
  2. Maintain and distribute HCC Handbook
  3. Member education and ease of use for the online handbook
  4. Develop and maintain system to manage HCC Email Accounts
  5. Develop and maintain a system to manage HCC Document Storage through Google Docs and Sheets.
  6. Ensure secure and private access to HCC ongoing business.
  7. Oversight of Newsletter
  8. Maintain community Contact List
  9. Server Management

The Website
The purpose of the website is to communicate Helen’s Court Co-op policies, procedures, rules, agreement and other organization documents. The Communications Committee is responsible for updating and maintaining the HCC Website.

Helen’s Court Co-op Handbook
The online Handbook replaces the traditional green binder distributed to new members in the past. New members will be sent a link to the Handbook by the membership committee and encouraged by their mentor to read it as a way to become familiar with how the co-op operates.

Committees with updates to their own policies and procedures must notify the Com Com by emailing their changes and requests.

Email Accounts
Each committee has a group email address and can also have a Google account storage area

Google Docs and Sheets
Each committee can create Google Documents and Sheets for their minutes, agendas, spreadsheets etc.

The Newsletter is maintained by an individual or team that may change from time to time..

Server Management
Currently HCC rents server space for the website. The Communications Committee manages support tickets, renewal payments etc.