Health and Safety


To improve and maintain a healthy living environment at Helen’s Court Co-operative.


To implement policies and educate members regarding health and safety at Helen’s Court.


  • Develop and implement emergency plans for Helen’s Court
  • Create and carry out bi-annual fire safety drills (optional)
  • Address any health concerns within Helen’s Court and work with other committees to eliminate health-related issues.
  • Address and take action on any safety concerns within Helen’s Court
  • Create health and safety educational opportunities for all Helen’s Court members
  • Create resources regarding health and safety issues that are available to members of Helen’s Court (clip boards, pamphlets, posters etc.)
  • Review regularly the measureable improvements to health and safety to members of Helen’s Court.


Health and Safety Committee will be a voluntary Committee consisting of a Secretary who will regularly report to the BOD. Health and Safety may require a Treasurer.


  1. Create a fire safety procedure:
    • Educate membership about the procedure
    • Run biannual fire drills (optional)
    • Evaluate and plan improvements for fire drills
  2. Create an Emergency Disaster Plan:
    • Educate membership about the procedure
    • Run education sessions regarding Disaster Preparedness
    • Take part in Vancouver’s “ShakeOutBC” earthquake awareness program
    • Evaluate and plan improvements
  3. Create a resource ‘library’ with Health and Safety resources that can be used by Helen’s Court members:
    • Car-sharing information
    • Car disposal information
    • Bike related transportation resources
    • Smoking Cessation resources
    • Senior’s Care resources
    • Mould resources
    • Mental Health resources


The Health and Safety Committee will report to the Board of Directors once a quarter and to members at least once a year.