Dialogue & Peace


The Dialogue & Peace Committee works to foster participation, co-operation, agreement and peaceful living. The Grievance Procedure provides a structure for members to resolve their differences cooperatively. A member’s failure to participate in a grievance lodged against him or her jeopardizes the spirit of cooperative living for everyone at Helen’s Court.


  1. To develop and provide the co-op membership with a structured grievance procedure.
  2. To provide non-judgmental support to those members involved in a grievance.
  3. To provide unbiased delivery and management of the Grievance Procedure. Dialogue & Peace members will not participate when friends or relatives are involved in a grievance.
  4. To observe the right to all members’ confidentiality regarding the specific grievance and the outcome.
  5. Should the facilitation process become necessary, the Dialogue & Peace Committee will appoint an experienced facilitator (from within the co-op or professional). Facilitation implies supporting both parties to find their own resolutions to the dispute. With the Board’s approval, Helen’s Court will pay for reasonable, professional facilitation fees.
  6. The facilitation meeting will include both parties involved in the grievance, a facilitator that all parties agree on, and a note-keeper from the Dialogue & Peace Committee. (The note-keeper will record only resolutions and agreements for the purpose of reporting to the Board).
  7. Resolutions reached through the grievance procedure will be documented in written form and provided to those involved. Resolutions may result in a written agreement to be drawn up within one week of the facilitated meeting. Both parties will sign the agreement. Copies will be given to both parties, the Dialogue & Peace Committee and the Board.
  8. Minutes of Dialogue & Peace Committee meetings, written correspondence, facilitation notes, and agreements will be kept confidential along with general Board minutes.
  9. Dialogue & Peace Committee will provide representation to the Board of Directors to report any unresolved grievances.

NOTE: the Dialogue & Peace Committee changed its name from the Grievance Committee in 2013.