The Board of Directors delegates much of its authority to various committees.  These committees have responsibilities in a particular area of the co-op’s overall management, such as finance, maintenance, and member selection.

Committee Responsibilities

Each committee is tasked with developing and maintaining policy and procedure documents that describe the overall objectives and specific goals for the committee and how it will perform the work delegated to the committee, and also for carrying out the stated work to support co-op operations. Any material changes to committee policies and procedures are reviewed by the Board of Directors and submitted to the co-op members for approval. Committees have delegates on the Board of Directors for reporting purposes and also provide updates to the members of the co-op through newsletters and general meetings.

To read more, please download the complete “Guidelines for Co-op Committees” PDF.

Helen’s Court Committees

Please click on the links below to learn more about each of the core committees at Helen’s Court: